Your Property Matters

Your Property Matters

Work with real estate attorneys serving Livingston and Cookeville, TN

Dealing with land is serious business. If you’re involved in a disagreement or misunderstanding about land you own or land you’re using, contact Colson, Maxwell, and Smith of Livingston, TN. We’ll represent you in your property-related legal cases.

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Let us handle your property issues

In the event that a legal issue arises with your property, Colson, Maxwell, and Smith will be at your side. We can assist you throughout property cases involving:

Land Disputes – Our team of surveyors and researchers will make sure you don’t lose real estate that’s rightfully yours.
Joint-Owned Property – If you want to sell joint-owned land, but the other owners don’t, we can ask permission of the Court to sell the property. The proceeds can be divided up, or the other owners can be forced to pay you for your share.
Easements – If you are involved in an easement on a property, we’ll make sure your rights are being upheld.

Trust Colson, Maxwell, and Smith to assist you with your property legal matters.