We’ll Fight for Your Child’s Best Interests

We’ll Fight for Your Child’s Best Interests

Hire us for child custody cases serving Livingston and Cookeville, TN

Limiting a child to live with one parent at a time is a hard decision. It’s important to work with lawyers who will set emotion aside and fight for what’s right for the child. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you turn to Colson, Maxwell, and Smith. We offer representation and legal guidance for child custody cases in the Livingston and Cookeville, TN area.

Courts will consider a variety of factors in your child custody case serving Livingston and Cookeville, TN, including the best interests of the child, the relationship between the child and the parents and the mental and physical health of the parent. Get in touch with us now to hire a lawyer who will put your child’s needs first.

What child custody issue can we help you with?

We have the experience to guide you through a number of child custody cases, including:

  • Court-ordered mediation
  • Child custody litigation
  • Child custody order or agreement modifications
  • Visitation rights

Call us today to discuss your situation with our child custody lawyers.